About Us

Around 25 years ago i fulfilled an ambition of mine to travel around the wonderful country of India, after travelling alll of the south of India, i got a telephone call from my parents to say they had secured premises for a new business in the wonderful state of Goa.

I helped them run the business and loved every single day of the experience. After living in India for almost 2 years and helping run a business there, i had to return to the UK because my father and step-father both got very sick and unfortunately both of them passed away within a few weeks of each other.

Rather than wallow in my grief i decided that i would put all of my experience of living in India into a project. This was when i decided that  i would use my contacts  and open a wholesale  business in the beautiful county of Cornwall. I imported everything from all over the globe and sold around the UK and indeed the world.

Then i had the idea that as well as wholesaling the products why didn't i open a shop. So within less than 12 months of returning from India i was wholesaling across the world and running a shop. In my shop i sold everything magical and mystical, from crystals and chakra products to wands and beautiful jewellery.

The business took off in a way i would never have imagined and then made the decision to open another shop in the lovely county of Devon. Most of my stock was imported from across the globe and i ran this business for over 4 years.

I then decided that i wanted to take a break from retail and being self employed and wanted to travel again. So after a long break from the Jewellery business i have decided i would open an online website.

My family have always been a constant in my life and i am very lucky to have a wonderful close family. I recently lost my mother and again, put all of my grief into doing something new. This is when i decided to open Planet Jewellery. 

I also own the domain names name TeddyGs which is dedicated to my late father, i also own the domain name MatrikaGifts, which will divert you to this page, the word Matrika is a Sanskrit word that means “mother” or “divine mother.” this is a dedication to my late mother.

There will be lots more items added over the year, so please take a look at my website.

Many thanks for reading.